Psychosocial aspects of ejaculatory dysfunction and male reproduction

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Men with no known medical factors may experience difficulty with conception due to erectile dysfunction (ED)premature ejaculation (PE), or delayed ejaculation (DE).

The psychosocial components of these disorders may be overlooked during fertility care due to physician inexperience with non-medical factors and/or the patient’s reluctance to disclose details of his sexual functioning.


To provide a comprehensive discussion of the assessment and treatment of psychosocial contributions to the male sexual dysfunction that impacts on fertility.


The method is not described; the article appears to be a focused review of the literature.


The biopsychosocial model considers biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to one’s health. When a couple is attempting conception changes may occur in their usual approach to sexual activity.

The goal of sexual activity may change from mutual satisfaction to conception only, activity may become scheduled in line with ovulation, and there may be pressure to conceive as soon as possible; these factors may adversely affect the sexual functioning and experience of both men and women.


This article demonstrates the importance of considering psychosocial factors when providing care to men with sexual dysfunction who are in a couple where conception is being attempted.

Patients are likely to benefit from the provision of accurate and reassuring information, addressing issues of performance anxiety, and suggestions about the importance of a sexually stimulating environment.

When sexual problems predate the fertility issue and/or when there appear to be complex psychological or relationships issues, patients should be referred to a sex therapist.

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