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Healthy Male provides information to help improve the health of Australian boys and men.

Healthy Male is not a health service, so we can’t advise on individual medical issues or specific medical practitioners. If you have any concerns about your health, it’s important to see your GP to diagnose the problem and find out about available treatments.

How to find health information and advice

While it’s easier than ever to find health information, it can be difficult to know what’s reliable and what isn’t. You need to know where, how, and from whom you can find health information you can trust, to help you make good decisions about your health.

Finding information online

At least two out of three Australian men get health information online, but they know their doctor is the best place to go for reliable, individual health advice.

You might be tempted to try treatments you see online, especially if they offer a quicker or easier solution to a health problem. But if they don’t work then you’ll have wasted time and money that you could have spent on effective treatment. While you’re using ineffective treatments, your illness might get worse, making it harder (or impossible) to fix in the long run. Some treatments might even have dangerous side effects.

Don’t have a doctor? Find one here:

Find a doctor via Health Direct

How to find a doctor

If you don’t have a doctor, try using the healthdirect ‘Find a Doctor’ tool on the Health Direct website. You could also ask your family, friends or workmates for a recommendation.

A General Practitioner (GP) is usually the first person you should see if you have any concerns about your health. They can diagnose health problems, order tests, prescribe medicines and refer you to other health professionals if need be.

Find a GP you trust and feel comfortable around and stick with them long term.

It’s best to have a GP who knows you and your health history, who listens to you, provides information in a way that helps you to understand it, and checks to make sure you understand their advice and instructions.

It’s okay if you have to try a few GPs before you find one you’re happy with, and to get a second opinion if you have any concerns about your GP’s diagnosis, advice or suggestions about treatment.

Find a doctor via Health Direct

How to talk to your doctor

You’ll get the most out of your doctors’ appointments if you do a bit of work beforehand.

Talking to a doctor about some things can be awkward, but they’ve been trained to talk with patients about sensitive issues. It is best to be direct, clear and honest when you’re talking with healthcare providers.

If your doctor says something you don’t understand, ask them to repeat it or to provide clarification. It’s their job to help you understand.

Understanding the health system

Australia’s health system is complex, and you need to understand how it works so you can use it, but you don’t need to know everything. A person’s ability to find, understand and use information and services to help them manage their health is referred to as their health literacy. An organisation’s health literacy is how well it enables all people to find, understand and use information and services to help them manage their health.

The health system is responsible for helping each of us fulfil our responsibility to manage our own health.

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Call MensLine Australia on 1300 78 99 78 for 24/7 support

MensLine Australia is a telephone and online counselling service for men with emotional health and relationship concerns.

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