Generations of healthy Australian men.



Healthy Male is a trusted source of information and facilitator of action on men’s health. We collaborate with the various communities, health practitioners, researchers, peak bodies, partner agencies and government to achieve our vision. We do this through our work across six pillars:

  1. Enduring – Building a strong, viable, resilient organisation that demonstrates value and stands the test of time
  2. Partnering – Strengthening existing and building new alliances and partnerships to inform our work, extend our reach and enable collective action
  3. Influencing – Advocating for men’s health issues and priorities, influencing policy and practice, amplifying the voices of men and boys from all walks of life and driving the translation of research into meaningful action
  4. Empowering – Informing, educating, encouraging, supporting and empowering men and boys to take action on their health
  5. Building capacity – Informing, educating and supporting the health workforce to proactively engage with and meet the needs of men and boys across their life course and reducing system-level barriers to best care
  6. Reducing inequity – Focussing efforts on priority population groups to co-create solutions and facilitate collective action to close the health and wellbeing divide


Our values
  • Respect – We honour and value ourselves, each other and all those with whom we collaborate.
  • Inclusion – We know that there is no such thing as an ‘average’ Australian man or boy. We respect the rich diversity of ages, cultures, languages and religions in our communities and the diversity of individuals within those communities. We acknowledge the diversity in our bodies, sex characteristics, sexualities and gender identities and consider the needs of all people who could benefit from our work.
  • Equity – We prioritise our efforts towards those who are most at risk of poor health outcomes in our communities.
  • Empathy – We take a holistic person-centred approach. We are curious, we listen and we seek to understand the experiences and perspectives of all those who we work with.
  • Knowledge – Our work and our information is grounded in best available research evidence and expert opinion.